Great news, after our success in France we have been accepted onto the World Class Development Program. as their next squad training is not until august I have been asked to attend the performance training next week to get me started. this is fantastic for us as it will give us access to all the experts we could possibly need and of course not forgetting the all important financial support.

Ollie is back up and running again after his short break and last weekend we took him for a lesson with Richard and I asked him to ride as I felt Ollie could benefit from a session purely focusing on him. Richard is so fantastic on developing his collection and self carriage, he always feels so amazing after he has ridden him.

Last night we went to a charity fund raising event for the para dressage training trust. We were asked to do a short demonstration and then perform our freestyle. It was a great evening and I had loads of positive feed back.

The next couple of months are quite busy as I will try and fit as much training as I can around the competitions so that we can make sure we are as prepared as we can be for the championships coming up.