I have been waiting and waiting to write my blog in the hope that I may actually have something positive to write about, but apparently that time is not coming any time soon!  I am not quite sure when it will be my year, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to be this one!

Ed is out of work having had to have surgery on his fetlock to remove a bone chip. He had it when we bought him, but it became detached and kept hurting him in certain movements so we decided our only option was to have it removed. I am pleased to say the operation was a success and there is no damage to the joint so it’s just some rehab for him to get him back into work and he should be absolutely fine. Phew…  He is at Zoe’s at the moment as he needs to go on the horse walker twice a day, but he should be coming home soon to start his trot work. He has such a big personality it’s really weird not having him at home, but it’s for the best.

The really sad news is that Jass has gone back to his owners. He had a blood clotting disorder that meant he had semi regular nose bleeds. Sadly he had a massive one whilst he was here and there is not really anything the vets can do to stop it. The decision was made that he could no longer be considered as a team horse, or able to compete internationally, in case this happened whilst we were at a major competition. As this meant that he was never going to achieve what we wanted him to we all decided it was best to find him a new home as a school master. Gary and I were really sad to see him go, but I am just so grateful we had 7 lovely months together as he taught me a lot.

So now I have nothing to ride or compete and we are desperately searching for something to have on loan so we can compete this season, but good horses are few and far between. If anyone knows of anything that may be of interest please get in touch.