At the end of March I was asked to attend the Sport Godalming AGM where they were going to announce the grants for 2011. I am very pleased to report that I received the maximum grant of £1100, together with 3 other athletes. I can not thank them enough for this really generous grant as it goes a long way in helping pay for the most expensive sport on the planet!

I had my second Hickstead qualifier on Saturday and had an amazing day. There seem to be a lot of new combinations this year and the standard across all grades is increasing dramatically. Ollie felt amazing in the warm up and didn’t let me down in the test either. I think it’s some of the best tests we’ve ever done. Poor old Gary had to cup his hands together and shout as loud as his lungs would let him as the traffic noise was so bad. It is much harder to orientate myself when there is a loud background noise, but it is something I will have to get used to. We won both tests with 72 and 76.6% and this is my best score ever. There is always room for improvement though, so hopefully one day we may even be able to top that, but for now I am over the moon. I’d also like to thank Di and Clive from South Bucks for looking after me!

I have a lesson with Richard tomorrow and then we will taper the training to make sure Ollie is fresh and ready for France. He is not the best traveller in the world so we will have to see how he copes with the long journey and the ferry. It will certainly be a learning curve and very exciting.

Hopefully next time I can tell you some good news after our big trip, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Gary has been working on the Para Equestrian Forum and I am pleased to say this is now live on the Para Equestrian website. The idea of the website is that it has a Wiki for all Para Equestrian disciplines, please take a look and help contribute advice to the para community.