The good news is my arm is healing really really quickly. Fortunately, it was actually a good thing that it was such a bad break as it resulting in having my break pinned, which meant that the recovery has been much quicker than it would have been normally. After 2 weeks I had another x-ray and the surgeon told me that I should use the arm as much as possible. He said the more I use it the quicker it will heal. These were just the words I wanted to hear, so from then I have increased my work load gradually and I am pretty much back to normal now.

He didn’t, however, answer my question as to when I could ride again, but after 4 weeks I couldn’t wait any longer! I took it slowly to start, but my arm doesn’t hurt at all when I am riding. The only problem I was having was I was getting so tired as my body was putting so much energy into healing. That passed after about 6 weeks which is why I can do nearly everything again now.

Richard could only have Ollie for 2 weeks, so for another 2 weeks after that I managed to find someone to come and ride them both at home. This was great as it meant that they could keep ticking over. I then started with just riding Ollie to rebuild my confidence. I am now riding them both, but it will take a little while for me to completely get my trust again in Edward. Every day I feel more and more confident so hopefully it won’t be long before we are out and about strutting our stuff!