At long last Ollie and the new arrival, Edward, are home. My Mother sold her house 4 and a half years ago in order to fulfil our dreams and find somewhere where we could have the horses at home. After 3 and a half long years in rented accommodation we finally found this property which we bought exactly 1 year ago. Despite the last year being incredibly hard work, as the place had not been touched for 35 years, it is all now worth it. To be able to walk out the back door and have them on our doorstep has been a life changer for everyone. For the first time in my life and for the last 34 years in my Mothers, we can now have the independence that I think we are overdue! I can’t put into words how happy we all are right now, but long may it last…

Ollie and Edward in the field

Ollie and Edward in the field

To top it all Edward has not put a foot wrong since we bought him. He is an absolute pleasure to handle and ride and I can’t help but get a little excited about his future.

Ollie is unbelievably relaxed in his new house. Gary has been able to have his first lesson with Sarah and has already taken Ollie out for his first proper hack for 4 years.

On the more serious note, I have taken Ollie to a local competition to do a couple of mediums. The first ones we have done in the snaffle and despite being a little strong in the first test we won with 68%. The second test he was much more rideable, but I need to start pushing now for some higher marks. We still got 66% and came second, but now we have proved we can do everything for a 7, I now need to push that little bit extra for some 8’s as we know he is capable.

I had my interviews for reselection on to World Class last weekend. They went OK and I now have to wait and hear if they would like me on World Class again for the next couple of years. Keep your fingers crossed…

I am also delighted to announce that for the fourth year running I was awarded the Disabled Sports personality of the year for Godalming and surrounding areas.

I have the rest of the month to settle into our new routine before the competitions start again in January. I hope my next blog is as positive as this one, but for now have a very Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year.