I just wanted to start by apologising for not blogging for ages but things have been a bit manic here. After finally getting the keys to this new property, there was an enormous amount of work we had to do before we could even move in. The house had been empty for a year and as no one had left the heating on, so it was some what suffering from damp caused by condensation. This meant stripping all the walls of several layers of wallpaper and paint, filling in all the huge cracks, sanding down all the walls by hand and then painting them. Not forgetting about cleaning everywhere. Never mind, we are in now and hopefully it will all be worth it.

We have had several stables companies round and, subject to finances, we are hoping to create a 6 box internal yard with wash boxes, tack, feed rooms etc. We also want to put in a 20 x 60 outdoor arena and create 8 paddocks. All on a budget though, so some compromises will have to be made along the way. We also would like to do a loft conversion on the house and knock some walls around downstairs so there is never a dull moment. Just as well we all enjoy a challenge!

Ollie had a break over Christmas, but is now back in full work and is raring to go. He had a week over at Richards where we just worked on perfecting the basics. Very boring, but very important. We were supposed to be going to the Regionals today but had to withdraw because of the snow, so that was very frustrating, but it has given me the time to write my blog so I guess it isn’t all bad. I have a lesson with Jane Goldsmith next week which I am really looking forward to as it’s great to get another opinion from such a respected person in the Para World. We then have a qualifier at Keysoe, then another squad training session. The new season is well and truly under way, so here we go again!

I want to take this opportunity to say a massive Thank You to Sport Godalming for providing me with such a generous grant for 2012. I just hope I can make them proud!