After an eventful Greenwich, we had a much calmer Hartpury which is definitely what the doctor ordered! I did not realise how much Greenwich had affected my confidence with riding with the glasses on. The other factor which I think has not been helping, not wanting to make excuses, is that for the last month just before it started going wrong with the disorientation I had started to take some hay fever tablets. I have never been a sufferer before, but this year it effected me really badly. I started to take them as I was struggling to function and without me realising they were obviously making me drowsy. The problem is that riding with the glasses on takes such an enormous amount of concentration that if I am not 100% I start to struggle. I had my suspicions, but I was feeling so much better, and the week leading up to Hartpury I decided to give it a go without them. If only I had the courage to be without them a month ago. Not only have I no hay fever, but my disorientation has almost gone as well, Hindsight is such a wonderful thing!

Deb Criddle has been joking about having seconditis this year and now she has passed it onto me! How Selfish! So you can probably guess the outcome of Hartpury! We did our best, but it was not good enough, we ended up with 68, 69, 71% and second place on each day. Whilst this is not the result we were expecting, I suppose it wasn’t too bad as she is a double Paralympic Gold medallist. On the plus side these scores mean that I have met the all important qualifying criteria for London next year.

It has made me realise that I need much more regular training if I want to be seriously competitive at this level. I think I will have to start to look for someone to come out and train me at the yard so I can have more lessons between those with Richard, but this is easier said than done.

Unsurprisingly no Europeans for me, whilst I am gutted, it was always a long shot and after the month I have had, I am not sure we would have been ready anyway.

It just means we have to come out all guns blazing next year and see what happens.

I have included a video here of the Individual Championship Test.