I can’t start without saying how fantastic the Olympics have been. We have been completely hooked. I have had radio 5 on every second of every day as the commentary on there has been so good. Now that it has finished we don’t know what to do with ourselves! Despite looking about 5 times a day we didn’t manage to get any tickets for anything which I am absolutely gutted about. I would love to have gone and experienced the atmosphere. I can’t wait until the Paralympics start as I am sure I will be just as hooked. We have tickets for the dressage and for the athletics so let’s hope I can experience the atmosphere there.

I have been trying a new trainer as it was getting so hard to get enough training with Richard and Beth has just had a baby so wanted to cut down on her work. My main objective was to try and find someone who was experienced enough, but still travelled out to teach. As I cannot drive it makes such a difference being able to train at home and it also means Gary no longer has to be bored watching my lessons!

The lady I have found ticks all the boxes. I have only had a handful of lessons, but it seems to be working out really well. She is called Sarah Sjoholm Patience and is on the Para Coaching Pathway which is great as it means she already has an insight into the Para World. This combined with a wealth of knowledge in the dressage World makes for a good combination.

I have done a few Mediums since my last blog to try and practice some of the more difficult moves before the Regionals. I picked up 3 firsts and a third, which means we have already qualified for the Winter Regionals.

The summer Regionals took place on Monday. Ollie has been going really well at home, but unfortunately over the last week has felt a bit flat. This combined with me not doing a great job meant we ended up in forth. On one hand I am chuffed to bits as it was such a big class and neither of us were at our best, but on the other hand I feel a little disappointed as we had to be in the top 2 to qualify and we were only 2% off the winners. Not bad though for our first Regionals at this level…

Oldencraig Regionals 2012

Oldencraig Regionals 2012

Ollie will have a few days off now and have a quick check from the vet to make sure there is no veterinary reason he has lost his spark. It may be he just needs a short holiday. I need him back on form relatively quickly as we now need to prepare for the Para Nationals in September. This is the end of the 2012 season so he can have a proper holiday then.