My lesson with Jane Goldsmith was brilliant. There are very few para coaches that have the knowledge and experience to teach all grades, but it doesn’t matter on your age, disability or riding experience everyone comes away from a lesson with Jane having learnt and achieved something. She is also the highest graded judge you can have for Para so it is invaluable to be able to have the judges perspective as well.

A few days later was our first qualifier of the year at Keysoe. This was a new venue for us so a good tester. The first one of the season is always a bit nerve racking as it is the first time you get to see if all the training you have done over the winter has paid off and it looks like it has! We got 74.8% in the team test and 76% in the Championship test. The best scores we have had for a while. Plenty of marks still to come though, so back to the drawing board to see where we can make further improvements to push our marks up even higher.

Then it was back to Unicorn for our next squad training. It was a jam packed weekend as always, but very educational and enjoyable, despite feeling exhausted at the end of the second day as both days seem to end up being about 16 hours long! The training also included a slow motion video analysis which was encouraging for me to see a dramatic improvement in my riding position after working on my core strength and visiting the chiropractor.

We then had an able bodied competition planned which would have been nice for a change, but unfortunately the starter motor went on our lorry so we couldn’t go. This is typical as we have now found a new lorry that is bigger so we can stay over in it and this is the first time our old reliable lorry has ever let us down. Suppose we shouldn’t complain as we have had it for 4 years and been up and down the country in it. I can’t believe how attached we’ve got to it, but hopefully we’ll find it a good home! Poor horse box!