There is really not much to report since my last blog. I decided to have a break from competing and concentrate on training for the rest of this year. It is always hard to push forward with the training when you are in the middle of the competing season, so I always think the winter is the perfect time to iron out any problems and teach them anything new.

Ollie has gone to Richards for an intensive training session this week. He is getting so much stronger for the collection work now, so we have started to up the anti with the canter pirouettes and the general collection. His changes are also getting better. They are always clean, but still too big for a competition. It is the movement he has most struggled with, but at least they are not scary to ride any more!

We have another squad training at the beginning of December and then there is a qualifier I will probably do as there don’t seem to be many left. Then it’s CHRISTMAS, can you believe and then the start of, hopefully, a very exciting year!