Well I fear I may have tempted fate a little in my last blog by saying that Edward has not put a foot wrong! He put 1 foot wrong one week ago and it ended in a bit of a disaster… He has never bucked, reared, spooked or done anything other than been an angel since I have owned him. Gary has even hacked him on his own down the road a few times and he never batted an eyelid at anything. However, last week I went to get on as normal, but the ride didn’t quite go according to plan. I had only just got on and was about to walk him around to loosen up. I have not been riding him in spurs for a while and I had decided to put them back on to sharpen him up a bit. I touched him with my spur and he shot in the air with all 4 feet like he had had an electric shock. I was left unseated from this and then accidently caught him again and he lept sideways. Unfortunately this is where we parted company. The fall in itself was nothing, but as he went to move out the way he trod on my arm and snapped it in half… I have now had my armed pinned and am quite obviously out of action for a while. Very frustrating and, of course, a little painful, but it could have been a lot worse.

Ollie in action - loose lunging

Ollie in action – loose lunging

Ollie has now gone off to Richards for a while so he can stay in regular work. He needs to be kept fit so that when I am ready he will be all ready to go as well. Sarah is also out of action as she is about to have her first baby. We are trying to keep Edward ticking over at home with Gary lunging and hacking him and I am trying to find someone who can come and have a sit on him every now and again so that he doesn’t forget everything.

Edward in action - loose lunging

Edward in action – loose lunging

Gary’s company has very kindly allowed him to work from home for a while so he is now head groom! I am sure if you had asked him 10 years ago what he would be doing now the answer would not be mucking out horses before work every day… I am helping as much as I can as its amazing what you can do with 1 hand, but there is a lot of things I haven’t mastered yet…

I do have some good news and that is I have been accepted onto the World Class Potential squad again. Now I am on the road to recovery let’s hope it was just a little blip and the season will just have to start a little later than planned.