Not much to report. I have just been focusing on training to try and get things back to where we were before I had my fall. Ollie lost quite a bit of confidence when I wasn’t riding him. Nobody’s fault, he is just so sensitive and so bonded with me that he can’t cope with too much change. He hates to get things wrong, but isn’t the quickest learner, and if he thinks he will be unfairly treated he panics. He is completely over it now and has his trust back in me again, but it has taken some time and a lot of patting!

I took him to the Para Winter Championships last week and he was great. This is our first outing this year, but he felt as confident as ever. I was only competing HC as I was unable to qualify because of my arm. It was great to have the opportunity to ride the new test in front of 2 top judges and get their feedback. I now feel fully motivated again so watch this space!

Edward is slowly coming along. He is such an amazing horse to work with. It is like he has been a dressage horse in his previous life! Whenever I teach him something new it is as though he knows it already. He loves to learn and always
gives me his all. He never says “No” and I think he has one of the best temperaments I have ever worked with. He is, however, so big that I need to wait for his body to catch up with his brain. I don’t want to rush him as I really think he
is going to be something special 🙂