I will start with the important first. Unfortunately I was not selected for the Paralympics this year. I have not had the best season, for one reason or another so it does not come as a surprise, but I can’t help but feel a little disappointed. My home team work so hard that I always feel like we have let them down when things don’t go according to plan, but we tried our hardest. It is a massive achievement to have made it on to the short list, especially as I have only been competing in this grade for a year and a half. Whenever I feel a bit down I have to remind myself of this and look at everything we have achieved rather than everything we haven’t. The problem is I want everything yesterday and like to run before we can walk, but I suppose that makes me a good competitor.

I want to say a huge well done to the 5 who have been selected, they really deserve it, and I wish them all the luck in the world. Gary and I will be there to wave our flags and cheer them on.

Hartpury 2012 - Nicky Thompson In Action

Hartpury 2012 – Nicky Thompson In Action

You have probably guessed that Hartpury was not a terrible success. I was second every day, but second is not good enough and as my brother reminds me, it means I was the best loser!!! I try, sometimes, so hard to please everyone that I have made myself and my pony very confused. Rather than being confident in my training and our ability, I think I have tried too hard to please the judges and it doesn’t pay off. Every day I tried something new and poor Ollie didn’t know whether he was coming or going! I have since heard a great statement that I will always remember “Believe in your training and yourself, stick to the plan and the results will come”. Another big learning curve. Lets hope next year I can put in to practice all that I have learnt this year and then hopefully I can make the final hurdle and get on to the team.
Hartpury 2012 Prizegiving

Hartpury 2012 Prizegiving

On the plus side, I have now qualified for the Para Nationals in September and I am now working towards the able bodied Regionals at medium. This will take place in August and I am really looking forward to it.

Although Hartpury did not go as hoped, I feel more positive than I have done for a long time as I now feel I have some direction gained from my experiences this year. I have also just had some brilliant advice from Rebecca Romero, who is my mentor for this year. Its just nice to hear that everyone goes through the same barriers and it is all completely normal to have ups and downs, its just how you cope with them that matters.