2016 is not proving to be plain sailing like last year! But things are sent to try us and I am feeling more determined than ever!

Unfortunately we didn’t manage to retain our National title last month at the Para Winter Champs. We only missed out by 0.07% which shows just how important every little mark is, but people only remember the winner so I don’t intend to not be remembered again…

Greg has had a few niggling injuries this year which has meant our training has not been as consistent as I would have liked. This, combined with my help at the yard letting me down and our lorry being incredibly temperamental has meant a few sleepless nights for me!!!

I thought our luck may have turned around until the day before we were due to leave for a competition in France Greg decided to throw a foot abscess! Hence why I am now sitting at home writing this blog…

Ho Hum! Everything has to be put into perspective and so long as everyone is alive and well we can cope with everything else that crops up along the way. After all, its not about what disasters you have its how you deal with them that matters 🙂

So long as Greg is back in work in the next few days we will now be joining the other half of the GB team in Belgium in a few weeks. France just obviously wasn’t meant to be!!! Best of Luck to all my GB team mates that are out their at the moment, I have got the results page ready and waiting.

Ed in trot at home

Ed in trot at home

On a separate note Ed is getting stronger and stronger and is starting to feel utterly amazing to ride. He is now working at advanced medium and is a horse that is definitely going to come into his own doing the higher level work. He’s had to take a bit of a back seat, but I will take him out when I can. For now we can just crack on with his training and there is no reason he won’t be able to take me all the way to Grand Prix 🙂