Greg has been an absolute super star since we have owned him, considering our first competition was only 1 week after he arrived and since have done 4 further competitions, we couldn’t have asked for any more. It is obviously taking a while to get to know each other, but each test we have done has got better and better and his score has gone up each time. I am thrilled to say we are going to the Nationals next week at Hickstead and even more thrilled to say that we have been selected to compete in our first International at Hartpury in July 🙂

We are now training hard on the run up with Zoe, but he is not very fit so we are having to do a lot of interval training to stop him getting too tired. He is also naturally quite a lazy horse so Gary is hacking him twice a week to try and keep him fresh and to also help with his fitness.

Ed is having a little break over the summer as I have been so busy with the yard, training and competing Greg and doing all my training with Hebe. He looks much better for it and I never think it does them any harm to take it slowly when they are so big and still growing. I will pick him up again after Hartpury and try and focus on him a bit more over the winter so hopefully he can come out and do some para competitions next year, so watch this space as he’s a very very special boy…

I am also pleased to say that I have now qualified with Hebe and am allowed to take her out on my own. She is an amazing dog and I have no idea how she can already read me like a book! I am very excited about the thought of getting some independence back 🙂