Well what can I say, things have gone rather better than I had anticipated. I have done 2 competitions since my last blog and I think I am still in shock with my results. Ollie has been an absolute star, except for when he trotted out the arena in my first test when I was riding around before the bell rang. The good thing was that it did not faze me, instead it has made me realise that I need a fully enclosed arena in order to have the confidence that I need to pull off a good test.

The lessons I had with Richard over Christmas really have helped to boost my confidence whilst riding with my glasses on. I used to freeze when I put them on which just resulted in Ollie getting really tense, now I can have an ordinary lesson with no one calling the letters as I have learnt the feeling I get when we are coming to a corner or back to the track. The best piece of advice that Clive Milkins ever gave me was to never do any trotting poles or jumps with Ollie, so he learns that if there is anything on the floor he sees it as a barrier and turns.

I have got a squad training session this weekend, then the Medium Music Freestyle at the beginning of Feb. I love riding to music, so I can’t wait.