Well let’s start with the bad news first. I am sure everyone has probably guessed, as I haven’t blogged for ages, that this year has not panned out quite as we would have hoped. Unfortunately Ollie has had an injury that has been very difficult to diagnose and therefor treat. His symptoms have strongly lead the vets to his poll area as he has become very unhappy with me touching the reins and shakes his head very violently. The vets have done every test under the sun and can’t find anything. They have even treated the area, but with no positive affect. The only other suggestion was to give him a few months off to see if it settles down, so that is what we have done. We will bring him back into work in the next couple of months and see how he is. We can only hope that if he can’t do what I need him to do anymore he can do a lesser job for someone else and give them the opportunities that he has given me. It is not only the fact that I have missed the whole season, but he is like our best friend and it is very hard to see him so unhappy.

My Mother has also been desperately unwell and has been in hospital for 3 months, including 6 weeks in intensive care. She has spent most of her time in Southampton hospital as they are heart specialists and amongst other things she has had a hole in her heart which needed open heart surgery. My family and I can’t thank them enough for saving her life. She has now moved to a hospital closer to hone for intense physio and rehab. We are hoping she will returning home in the next month or so.

Now for some good news 🙂 We took Edward to squad training last weekend and he didn’t put a foot wrong. Everyone seemed to really like him and shares my excitement for his future…

The other bit of good news is I have been given a horse on loan. Jo Pitt’s parents have been very kind in letting me have Jo’s horse, Jass, on loan for a while. He is very experienced with all the big shows and has been beautifully trained. He is 11 now and once we get to know each other he should be ready to compete as he already works at the level I need for grade III. I feel so honoured to be able to ride him, I just hope I can make them proud.