The most of my time since my last blog has just been spent training and cursing the weather! We did do a qualifier the week after the Nationals and despite warming up in torrential rain and strong winds we managed to secure a good few points towards the Hickstead Championships. We achieved 70 and 71% which is perfectly respectable and no incidents this time!

Ollie then had his well-deserved break before picking him up again for his winter training. We have been working on the changes and although they are not quite ready for a test yet, they are getting much better.

We had squad training last weekend which was a great opportunity to run through the new test which will be coming out next year. They will now be in a 20 x 60 which I think we be good for us as it gives him more time to show off his big movement. The only problem is that there is more room for me to be less accurate and it is an awfully long way down the centre line now!

I have a few able bodied competitions coming up and have to attend the interview part of reselection for World Class, so keep your fingers crossed…